Services Provided by SPR Associates

Over the past 25+ years, SPR has provided a wide range of consulting services to private and public sector clients.   Some have involved coordinating the efforts of diverse agencies and organizations, while others have been national in scope or multi-year projects.  SPR's capabilities cover a broad range of services, including consultation, research and planning, and the capacity to assemble and manage multi-disciplinary teams which are essential for many of today's most challenging research and consulting assignments.  Services include:

  • Evaluation Research:  preparation of evaluation designs, establishment of evaluation systems, conduct of needs assessments, evaluations and comprehensive audits; and measurement of results;

  • Surveys (on-line, telephone, and multi-method):  national and provincial surveys, in both official languages;

  • Policy and Basic Research:  literature reviews, international reviews, demographic studies, exploratory studies, preparation of policy papers, and Delphi studies;

  • Management Studies and Strategic Reviews:  organizational and management reviews, assessment of mission statements, assessments of organizational culture, studies of specific systems and operations; and planning studies;

  • Database Development and Analysis:  statistical data analysis capability, and experience in development and utilization of a variety of database systems to improve the use of existing information; and

  • Qualitative Research (in-depth interviews, case studies and focus groups):  creation of a circle of understanding through extensive, in-depth and probing data collection.