Survey Research:  Full Survey Capability

Surveys -- whether conducted on-line, by telephone or mail -- of the general public, organizations, employees or specific user groups -- can be an important tool for the development of policies, programs and products.  Accurate surveys can provide a better understanding of the level of satisfaction with its services.  Well-designed surveys can also improve understanding of trade-offs attached to alternative policies.

SPR has the ability to undertake large-scale national, regional, provincial and local surveys in English, French and other languages.  This capability has been demonstrated in many large-scale surveys for federal, provincial and other agencies.  The following are some typical surveys SPR has conducted:

  • Surveys of Clients and General Populations on topics such as information needs and utilization, quality of life, environmental concerns, recreational activities, transportation needs, housing, social services, shopping behaviour, and other areas of citizen and consumer concern.

  • Studies Applying the Common Measurement Tool (CMT):  Many of SPR's surveys have applied this tool, such as recent surveys on client satisfaction (for Environment Canada), and surveys on homebuyer education tools (for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation).

  • Surveys of Government have been conducted with federal agencies and their staff, in such areas as housing, health, childcare, and social development; provincial agencies and their staff; and staff of municipal agencies, such as transit systems, public utilities, and local housing authorities.

  • Surveys of Business and Industry have included major industry sectors, including banking, telecommunications, railways, airlines, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, transportation, manufacturing, mining, petrochemicals, agriculture, retail, publishing, hotels, restaurants and tourism.

  • Surveys of Professionals and Associations have been conducted with lawyers, human resource managers, environment managers, teachers, social workers, nurses, physicians, financial planners, librarians and others.

Computerized Survey Management:  All of SPR's surveys are managed using computerized survey management system which allows for careful assessment of survey progress, and virtually instantaneous reports on survey results, validity, and key statistics.

SPR has particular expertise in the development of unique surveys in both official languages -- in identifying sampling frames, in cost-effective surveys, and in achievement of high response rates, even with hard-to-survey populations.