Policy Research

SPR has conducted many projects to inform or develop government policies, including policy studies, literature reviews, international reviews, Delphi studies and related analyses.
  • Policy Analysis:  Renewing Ontario's Recreation-Nature Trails Strategy (for the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport); Assessing the Capacity of Sport and Recreation in the Not-for-Profit Sector in Ontario (for the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport); Review of Policy Issues in Child Development (for Human Resources Development Canada); Study of the Costs and Benefits of For-profit Versus Not-for-profit Child Care (for The House of Commons Special Committee on Child Care); and Study of Shelter Allowances as an approach to housing low-income families (for the Ontario Ministry of Housing).

  • Literature Reviews:  Review of Shared Equity Housing Finance Models in Canada and the US (for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation); review of literature for the Year Three Evaluation of the Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS (for Health Canada); retirement issues for an Evaluation of Public and Private Incentives for Retirement (for Human Resources Development Canada); Review of Literature on Inter-City Transportation (for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation); and Review of the Literature on Sports Injuries (for the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation).

  • International Reviews:  examination of international experiences in youth exchanges for a Strategic Review of Youth Exchanges (for Canadian Heritage); Study of Public Disability Pensions in Six Countries (for Human Resources Development Canada); Study of Homeownership Policies in Six Countries (for the Ontario Ministry of Housing); and Review of the Future Prospects of International Trade Fairs (for External Affairs Canada).

  • Delphi Studies:  Study to forecast future directions for international expositions for an Evaluation of Canada's Participation at EXPO 2000 (for Canadian Heritage); and a Delphi study to assess future directions for the National Longitudinal Survey of Children (for Human Resources Development Canada).

  • Computer Simulations and Models:  research to estimate quality of decisions to award pensions for the Canada Pension Plan (Disability Component); research to estimate an "actualization line" (inverted poverty line) for persons with disabilities; and examination of patterns of Federal-Provincial cost-sharing, in relation to the Ontario Work Incentives Program.