Dr. Morley Gunderson
Senior Consultant on Employment and Labour Markets

As one of Canada's leading labour economists, Dr. Gunderson provides a wealth of expertise on employment and related issues.  As Professor, Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources and the Department of Economics, University of Toronto, his specialties include labour economics, industrial relations, labour-business partnerships, income distribution and poverty. He also holds the CIBC Chair in Youth Employment and is the 2015 winner of the Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award at the University of Toronto.

SPR projects which Dr. Gunderson has participated in since 1995 include:

Some of Dr. Gunderson's research dealing with employment and labour market issues includes:  "Canadian Post-Secondary Education Graduates Over the Last 20 Years: Analysis with the National Graduates Survey," Ottawa: Human Resources Development Canada; "Review of Canadian and International Literature on Apprenticeships," Ottawa: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; "The Changing Nature of Work and the Impact of Labour Mobility of Regulated Professionals in Canada," Ottawa: Labour Mobility Division, Skills and Employment Branch, HRSDC; "Challenges to Labour Market Participation of Persons with Disabilities," Ottawa: Human Resources Development Canada; "Labour Market Information: Economic Perspectives," Ottawa: Human Resources Development Canada; "Challenges Facing Youths in the Labour Market," Ottawa: Human Resources Development Canada; "Workplace Productivity Issues," Ottawa: Human Resources Development Canada; and "Upskilling in the Canadian Workforce: Investments in Workplace Training," Ottawa: Human Resources Development Canada.