Ms. Marian Ficycz
Survey and Operations Director

Ms. Ficycz has been SPR's Survey and Operations Director for more than two decades, during which time she has managed SPR's web and multi-method surveys. Recent projects include:

Other SPR surveys which Ms. Ficycz managed and attained exceptionally high response rates include:  National Surveys of Employers and Employees on Work and Family Life (for Human Resources Development Canada, 65% overall response rate); Surveys of Canadian Housing Programs, over 8,000 residents surveyed (for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, response rates 65%-82%); Surveys of Ontario Joint Health and Safety Committees, over 9,000 committee members surveyed (for the Ontario Ministry of Labour and others, 65% overall response rate); Surveys of Human Resources Managers, Hospitals, Unions, Nursing Homes and Insurance Companies Regarding the Canada Pension Plan (for Health and Welfare Canada, 83% response rate); and Surveys of Canadian Municipalities Regarding Home Repair Programs and Parallel Surveys of Elderly Homeowners (for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 85% response rate).

Ms. Ficycz's strengths lie in her organizational skills, attention to detail, communications and perseverance.  Through these qualities, she has been extremely successful at obtaining high quality results for SPR surveys.