Dr. Ted Harvey
President and Senior Consultant
Dr. Harvey has been involved in public policy research for over 25 years. Clients served during this time have included federal/provincial and municipal agencies such as: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation; Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; National Research Council; Industry Canada; Justice Canada; Environment Canada; Secretary of State; Indian and Northern Affairs; Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; and Provincial Ministries of Housing; Children and Youth Services; Tourism, Culture and Sport; Attorney General; Citizenship and Immigration; Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; Finance; Community and Social Services; and Labour.  Selected recent studies and evaluations include:

Dr. Harvey has applied social science research techniques to the study of public policy and societal concerns in many settings.   Since 1968, he has worked in a variety of academic and policy research settings. Teaching:  The University of Alberta, Assistant Professor of Political Science, 1968-1970; University of Western Ontario, Assistant Professor of Political Science, 1970-1973; and Wilfrid Laurier University, Graduate Faculty, Social Policy, 1984.  Public Policy Research: The Manitoba Guaranteed Annual Income Experiment, Deputy Director, 1972-74; and the Social Planning Council of Metropolitan Toronto, Director of Research, 1973-1976. Private Consulting: SPR Associates Inc., President and Senior Consultant, 1978 - present. He has been a Research Associate for Science and Technology, Simon Fraser University, since 2018.