Supporting Consultants and Specialists

SPR's supporting consultants and specialists represent a wide range of specialists, such as:

  • Labour Issues, Health and Safety:  Mr. Neil Gavigan, Labour Standards, Health & Safety (former Director of Labour, Human Resources Development Canada); Dr. Paul Leonard Gallina, Occupational Health & Safety (Bishop’s University); and Dr. Kevin Banks, Labour Law (Queen's University).

  • Business, Finance and Economics:  Dr. David Wolfe, Business Clusters (University of Toronto); Dr. Mike Mendelsohn, Finance and Social Policy (Caledon Institute); Dr. Garry Smith, Gaming and Gambling (University of Alberta); and Dr. Arthur Donner, Macroeconomics and Business.

  • Justice and Social Issues:  Dr. Ron Melchers, Criminology and Policing (University of Ottawa); Mr. Kent Roach, Criminal Law (University of Toronto); Dr. Julian Tanner, Youth and Social Issues (University of Toronto); and Dr. Jeffrey Reitz, Immigration and Equity (University of Toronto).

  • Transportation:  Dr. Garland Chow (University of British Columbia); Dr. Matthew Roorda (University of Toronto); Dr. Clarence Woudsma (University of Waterloo); and Dr. Ron Knipling (Safety for the Long Haul Inc.).

  • Energy, Technology and Innovation:  Professor Adam Holbrook, Innovation/Technology, Research & Development (Simon Fraser University); and Mr. Jack Smith, Energy, Foresight, Technology & Innovation (University of Ottawa).

  • Health:  Dr. Phil Bigelow, Public Health (University of Waterloo); Dr. Janet Hatcher Roberts, Public Health, International Health (University of Ottawa).

  • Governance:  Dr. Caroline Andrew (University of Ottawa); Dr. Agnes Meinhard (Ryerson University); and Dr. Dan Lang (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education).

  • Tourism, Sports and Culture:  Dr. Marion Joppe, Tourism and Hospitality (University of Guelph); Dr. Katie Misener, Sports (University of Waterloo); and Mr. Peter McFadden (Tourism, Events).

  • Environment:  Mr. Chris Hilkene, Environmental Sector; and Professor Margot Hurlbert (Water Policy, Environment, Climate Change).

  • Urban Planning and Housing:  Mr. Mark Guslits, Architecture & Planning; and Dr. Larry Bourne (University of Toronto).

  • International Trade:  Dr. Philip J. Rosson, International Trade (Dalhousie University); and Dr. Rolf Seringhaus, International Marketing (Wilfrid Laurier University).

  • Professions/Training:  Dr. Zubin Austin, Dentistry and Professional Colleges (University of Toronto).